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Are the Chemicals Used in Carpet Cleaning Safe?

Carpet is one of the excellent choices for flooring. It gives comfort and improves the appearance of your home. However, the carpet needs routine maintenance. You may regularly vacuum and spot clean it. But nothing beats how it is cleaned by our professionals. Our carpet cleaning in Kingman can help extend the life of your carpet. 


Carpet Cleaning in Kingman for Improved Health 

Although carpet is an excellent flooring option, it can hide allergens, dust particles, and bacteria. Hence, if you or one of your family members suffer from breathing problems, the allergens in the carpet can lead to breathing issues, like allergies and asthma. 


The contaminants in the carpet can cause health problems. Even though you vacuum regularly, it can only remove dust, dirt, and bacteria. But it won’t remove them completely. This is where carpet cleaning is essential. However, you may worry about the chemicals used by our professionals. Are they even safe? 


Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe? 

Yes, the carpet cleaning chemicals are safe. However, they are only safe if you choose to hire our company to clean your carpet professionally. Our company uses the right chemicals depending on the carpet or stain. 


We understand that carpet cleaning chemicals aren’t created equal. In other words, they don’t perform similarly. Some can cause more harm than good if you don’t remove them completely. For that reason, you must know the chemicals ideal for the type of carpet in your house. 


Do You Need to Use More Chemicals? 

You may think that the more chemicals you use, the better it is for your carpet. But it’s not right. If you use too much wrong chemicals, they can damage your carpet. This is especially true if you use chemicals that are too acidic. However, even if you use the right chemicals, you still need to use them in moderation. It means that you must follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If you use more, it can damage your carpet. 


How to Ensure You’re Using the Right Cleaning Chemicals for Your Carpet? 

It’s necessary to clean your carpet every week. As mentioned, vacuuming is vital to clean your carpet. It can prevent allergens from accumulating in the carpet. Although we can thoroughly clean your carpet, it may not be practical for you to hire us every week. That’s why you need to ensure that you are using the right chemicals for your carpet if you are going to clean it by yourself. 


Why is the pH of Carpet Chemicals Vital? 

Although it’s safe to use alkaline chemicals, you must stay away from using chemicals with low pH or very acidic. Instead, opt for chemicals with pH numbers between 7 and 8. The more acidic the chemicals are, the more they can cause damage to your carpets because they can affect treatments, carpet fibers, and dyes. 

Carpet cleaning Kingman

Protect Your Carpet Investment 

Call our carpet cleaning in Kingman if you wish to know the right chemicals you can use for your carpet. Or just schedule routine maintenance for your carpet here: (924) 234-8160. 


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