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Ways to Maintain Clean Carpets After a Professional Carpet Cleaning


After hiring a company to do carpet cleaning in Bullhead City, your carpet is now thoroughly clean. It looks new again. But just like any type of flooring, it gets dirty again, if you don’t maintain it. You need to clean your carpets as clean as possible until the next scheduled cleaning. To do that, here are some tips you can do. 


Importance of Carpet Cleaning in Bullhead City 


Before we get into the tips, let’s first briefly talk about the importance of keeping your carpet clean. Remember that carpet is a huge investment. The average cost of it per square foot is $4.50. Without proper maintenance, you’ll find yourself replacing your carpet. That said, it’s recommended that you keep it as clean and free from dirt as possible to increase its lifespan. 


Clean Stains Immediately 


Don’t wait for stains and spills to dry before you clean them up. After spills and spots happen, clean them up immediately. Keep in mind that if you keep them on the carpet, they can be difficult to remove. 

Use a natural cleaner when cleaning the stains and spills. When you clean the spills, consider blotting them to soak up the spill. Don’t rub it because it will only spread causing the spill to soak into the carpet fibers. After we have cleaned your carpets, our professional cleaners will show you the proper way to clean stains and spills. 

carpet cleaning bullhead city

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly 

Don’t wait for the carpet to look like it needs cleaning. Instead, you need to clean it every week, if possible. Keep in mind that carpets can easily accumulate dust and particles. The sad part is that you won’t see them. That’s why you need to vacuum your carpets regularly. Regular carpet cleaning with a vacuum can also help in removing allergens and other pollutants that you carry from outside. 


Ditch Your Shoes 

You may have a doormat outside your door so before you get inside your house, you can wipe your shoes before entering. But take the cleaning further by removing your shoes. Don’t wear your shoes inside your house or you may leave your shoes outside the house and use a pair of slippers inside your house. In that way, you can keep dirt and grime from getting inside. 


Keep in mind that the shoes that you wear outside the house carry bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and fecal matter. And your carpet can act like a magnet. It can easily collect everything from your shoes. Furthermore, ditching your shoes will also prevent premature wear and tear of carpets. Shoes can grind in the dirt. They can damage carpet fibers causing matting. 


Clean Your AC’s Air Filters 

Dust and particles can be accumulated in the air filter. The dust and particles can fall on your carpet, chairs, etc. If you don’t want that to happen, then make sure that you clean your AC’s air filters regularly as well. 


Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Despite regularly cleaning your carpet, it still requires professional cleaning. There are dust and particles stuck in the carpets that can only be removed by proper carpet cleaning equipment. Call our company today to schedule carpet cleaning in Bullhead City: (9928) 234-8160. 

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