Why Choose Us?

Clean Masters offers steam cleaning in Fort Mohave and treats every customers home as if it was their own. We are certified in all 50 states, and have an in depth knowledge identifying what type of carpet fiber you have as well as what needs to be done to achieve the best results possible. I have taken great pride, and dedication to insure we are on time, punctual, and to explain the entire cleaning process to our customers.

steam cleaning in Fort MohaveThese are some key factors I feel a customer should know before letting anyone clean one of the larger investments in their home:

  • If your carpet is cleaned with a cleaner that has a PH level over 10 it will remove the carpet protectant applied at the factory (Scotchgard – DuPont Teflon). At Clean Masters we use a cleaning agent that is 100% soap, residue free, and a PH of 9.
  • Clean Masters are experts in removing urine, cool aid, wine, and other stains permanently as well as any odors. We attack the stain with a special tool that removes the stain, or the cause of the odor from the carpet pad all the way up through the carpet itself.
  • Household cleaners such as Resolve, Hot Shot, miracle cleaners, etc.. should never be used on your carpet. They have a very high PH level which will remove the carpet protectant, and probably set the stain into the fiber. They also have silicone in the product so the cleaned area will attract dirt faster, and you will buy more of their product.
  • Clean Masters inspects all areas to be cleaned. We pre-condition with a soap free cleaner at 220 degrees to break down soil and dirt. Next we extract the soil, dirt, and cleaning agents making several vacuum passes leaving your carpet clean, soap and residue free, and just towel damp. Next we rake and groom the carpet. We do that not only to give your carpet a nice appearance, but also for another reason. When carpets are constructed at the factory they are groomed and set when the fibers reach about 250 degrees. We do the same thing after cleaning the carpet at 220 degrees. It allows the carpet fibers to retain the carpet memory.
  • Most importantly by choosing Clean Masters you have my promise to receive on time, punctional, friendly, knowledgable, and a great Clean Master experience.

Let our team of professionals at steam cleaning in Fort Mohave helps you, call (928)-234-8160.