Carpet Cleaning In Fort Mohave

True Masters of Carpet Cleaning In Fort Mohave for Your Carpeting

Have you been looking for carpet cleaning in Fort Mohave and the surrounding area you can trust? Does it feel like every time you pay someone to clean your carpet it never quite looks as great as you had hoped? Here at Clean Masters of Arizona, we take great pride in providing the best, highest-quality carpet cleaning service. You’ll note we didn’t name our company “Clean Enthusiasts of Arizona” or “Clean Hobbyists of Arizona.” No, we’re “Clean Masters of Arizona.” We do everything in our power to live up to that name. 

Our Process for Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning in Fort Mohave

Often, the first step our professionals take is to inspect all areas that are to be cleaned. From there, we break down any soil and dirt. Typically, that’s done through a pre-conditioning process involving a soap-free cleaner at 220 degrees. Once that’s broken down, we extract the soil and dirt as well as the cleaning agents through many vacuum passes with cutting-edge vacuum cleaners. That leaves your carpet utterly clean as well as free of any soaps and residue. However, that’s really just the beginning. From there, we groom the carpet at a high temperature as well. This makes it possible for the carpet fibers to retain carpet memory, thus returning them more or less to the state they were in as they left the factory. 

Tools of the Carpet Cleaning Trade 

You wouldn’t hire just any mechanic to work on your car. The same holds true for your carpeting. For example, many think “If I get my carpets cleaned with a cleaner that has the highest pH possible, it’ll clean my carpets the best.” Actually, the truth is that a cleaner with a pH level over ten will remove carpet protectants that were applied at the factory to help your carpet. That’s why we use a cleaning agent that has a pH of nine, thus protecting your carpet in multiple ways. 

The Scourge of Stains 

Removing stains from your carpet is, indeed, the focus of what we do. However, we believe in both removing the stain as well as what’s causing the odor, no matter how deep into the carpet it is. So, we can remove wine, urine, even Kool-Aid and similar stains permanently, all while utilizing a special tool that roots out the odor’s cause from the carpet pad on up. 

Carpet Cleaning In Fort Mohave

Beyond Carpet Cleaning

To return to our name, we’re not “Carpet Clean Masters of Arizona,” we’re “Clean Masters of Arizona.” While cleaning carpets is a specialty of ours that makes up a significant portion of our business, it’s far from all that we offer. Indeed, we also provide top-notch cleaning services for sofas and couches, mattresses, upholstery, tiles, rubs, and more. We’re also able to help to mitigate water damage as well, working to make your property look and feel how you want it to. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call us at (928) 234-8160. 

For the absolute best carpet cleaning in Fort Mohave and the surrounding area, call us at (928) 234-8160.

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